Advantages of Digital Cameras

Behind the Lens An Interview with Renowned Photographer Jane Smith

Advantages of Digital Cameras There are many advantages when comparing digital photography to traditional film cameras. These include: * Data can be stored on the image including date and time, type of camera, film speed and shutter speed (this is great for vacations); this assists in reviewing photos at a later date. * The use … Read more

8 Tips For Better Digital Photos

15 Simple Portrait Photography Tips That Will Blow Your Mind 1

  Whether you consider yourself an amateur photographer, or you just want to create better family photos, there are many things you can do to get better photos. Here are some easy tips to use the next time you head out with your digital camera. Even a beginner can take professional-looking photos – suitable for … Read more

Baby Photography

The Rise of Authenticity 1 How Stock Images Are Changing

Baby Photography. Babies can be the most challenging and rewarding portraits to take, but can also be the most frustrating. Babies tend to sleep, eat and cry a lot and won’t pose in front of the camera but don’t let that put you off photographing them. Creating the perfect baby portrait, when done right, will … Read more

Advantages of Digital Photography

10 Must Know Photoshop Tips for Professional Photographers

Advantages of Digital Photography The quality of the images on the new digital cameras, and the time limits that are so vitally important in the newspaper industry, have made digital photography the norm with most professional news photographers. Many amateur photographers have also adopted the digital camera as their camera of choice. They enjoy the … Read more

The Top 20 Stock Image Trends of 2023

The Top 20 Stock Image Trends of 2023

The Top 20 Stock Image Trends of 2023 As we move into 2023, the world of stock images is evolving at a rapid pace. From bold colors to authentic representation, there are many exciting trends emerging in the world of stock images. If you’re a content creator or marketer looking to stay on top of … Read more

20 Mind-Blowing Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Shoot

20 Mind Blowing Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Shoot

20 Mind-Blowing Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Shoot Are you looking for inspiration for your next photo shoot? Look no further! These 20 mind-blowing photos will inspire you to get creative with your camera and capture stunning images that will leave a lasting impression. 1. “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai This … Read more

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