Buying a Digital Camera

Unleashing Your Creativity 10 Experimental Photo Projects to Try

Buying a Digital Camera The price of digital cameras has been lowered dramatically as the popularity increases. You can now purchase a digital camera for anywhere from $30 to $400. As always, remember that you get what you pay for, and don’t expect to get top quality photos from a cheap camera; you may end … Read more

Digital Cameras

The Rise of the Female Photographer Meet 5 Trailblazing Women in Photography

Digital Cameras A digital camera is an electronic device used to photograph and store images in place of using the former photographic film used in the more conventional cameras. With additions to the technology of digital cameras, many of them are now multifunctional, including the ability to record sound and videos. In the modern Western … Read more

Bridge Cameras Face an Unknown Future

From Street Photography to the Smithsonian An Interview with Bruce Gilden

Bridge Cameras Face an Unknown Future Some manufacturers have stopped making high-profile bridge cameras, concentrating on the cheaper dSLRs. Some dSLRs are made of plastic rather than the magnesium alloy required for the higher-quality dSLRs. In competition with the dSLRs, the bridge cameras are in jeopardy. This is because of the comparable pricing and sizes … Read more

Baby Photography

The Rise of Authenticity 1 How Stock Images Are Changing

Baby Photography. Babies can be the most challenging and rewarding portraits to take, but can also be the most frustrating. Babies tend to sleep, eat and cry a lot and won’t pose in front of the camera but don’t let that put you off photographing them. Creating the perfect baby portrait, when done right, will … Read more

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