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10 Tips for Creating Social Media Worthy Images That Will Go Viral

Effective Use Of Flash Photography

Written on June 19, 2023 in Image Marketing

  Did you ever put your flash unit in manual mode? Did you ever manually turn on the flash when taking a day time outdoor photo? For many the answer to both questions is “no”. For most amateur photographers flash is just a solution for taking photos when there is not enough natural light. Although…

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How to Use Images to Tell Your Brand Story and Connect with Your Audience

Digital Printing Vs. The Traditional Method In Photography

Written on June 1, 2023 in Image Marketing

  Over the past years, technology has been continuously evolving and it has brought about improved graphics, artworks and printing. Newer breakthroughs in technology have also made printing affordable and easy to use. For photographers too, printing has been made very easy and consultative. More photographers have switched from the old style to the modern…

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